Friday, May 15, 2009

Now Wearing...

90's gear! I went to a 90s themed party with my friends the day before yesterday. I forgot about this party in packing my clothes for the week; luckily I brought my gray acid wash jeans. I pulled the sweater vest and backpack from the back of my parents' closets, threw on some old sneakers, and boom, rollin' with the homies!

Funny thing is, ever since the party I've been rockin' the backpack. At first, it was out of laziness; I just didn't want to take the time to transfer things back into my usual purse. But now, I realize that I'm kind of in love (and maybe even slightly obsessed) with the backpack.

Neon drapey cardigan - Xhileration, Target
Black jumper dress - The Limited
Black oxford heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Magenta flower headband - handcrafted by my sister


♡Karafina♡ said...

cuuuuuute.. love this lime green action with the booties/

chrissstttiiine said...

ahhhh i have the same oxfords! in brown too! loves it!!!

Lani said...

thanks, ladies!

yeah, i love these oxfords. i kind of wish i had bought them in brown too!

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