Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UPDATED: Sample Sale Report: Fendi

Photo's are up!

Line for the Fendi sale is about 35-45 min long with no signs of wavering and they only let about 10 people in at a time. Bag check is mandatory only wallets & cell phones are allowed.

Prices are mostly in categories. Merch is mostly current season, photos to follow tonight.

Inside is pretty organized with people flocking mostly to the bag and small accessory areas.

Small leather goods & accessories are 60% Off

Sunglasses 55% off $325-500
No Shoes at the sale :(

Bags Mostly 60% Off $715-6885 (maybe more?). Those pictured on the right with the detailing were on the higher end of the spectrum.

Saw a nylon/python Baguettes in yellow and pink for 60% Off $715. Only a limited amount left maybe 10. Other styles of bags were stockpiled behind in boxes.

Watches were 60% Off 1100-2300 (leather strap in a variety of colors but they looked kinda gross)

Scarves 60% Off $175-200. 3 boxes of random designs.

Belts 60% Off $400-1190

Wallets 60% Off $340-565

Fur hats and gloves 60% Off Approx $775

Clothing is 70-75% current season merch but didn’t bother looking, not many pple were. This Leather jacket is 70% off $1295. A lady in line bought a shearling coat for $785

Sale was too rich for my blood but if you are a huge Fendi fan perhaps you can pick up a few things for a discount? Otherwise don't bother.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!
I went and thought the markdowns just weren't steep enough, compared to other sample sales.

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