Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Eugenia Kim

Went to the Eugenia Kim Sample Sale last night and wondered if it would be worth the trek to 9th Ave. Fortunately it turned out to be well worth my time, but not for what you might imagine. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take great photos but I snagged the price list:

Also to note they are offering sort of a volume discount, the more you buy, the more you save! If you buy 4 items the 5th is free :)

As Eugenia Kim is most famous for her hats I was hoping to pick up some really cute hats but every time I saw one that I thought was super fab it was bit out of reach for me.

The Quinn Zipper Trim Fedora was $115. There were about 3 racks full of various style fedoras.
The wide brim floppy straw Honey and Gloria Hats were $125. Perhaps 2 racks full of floppy straw hats.

On the opposite wall there were some more affordable options in terms of soft fabric bucket and equestrian styles for mostly $55.

As you enter the sale there was an accessory rack that contained hard headbands and belts. The hard headbands included the jeweled Diana for $45 and the crystallized India for $95 While there weren't very many belts left, I managed to snag the last Sailor inspired snap button elastic belt for $20! Only about 4 more belts left. Also on this rack was the only thing I saw for $5 a leather cuff with square studs.

Also in front of the accessory rack was a rack that was brimming with soft headband and head scarf options that were mostly in the $20-25 range. I picked up this soft ruched Liliana for $25 because it can be worn as both a headband and a head wrap sort of a flapper-esque turban alternative.

Finally if you are looking for a bargain hat, there are a few to be had. A box packed full of straw hats sells them for $10 each but they are unfinished and don't have the grosgrain trim inside or decorative touches and for most part look pretty raw, but definitely could make a great basic for a DIY decoration. Right beside is another box full of miscellaneous hats from newsboys, bucket hats to equestrians for varying prices in the $25-45 range.

The staff was super helpful and friendly. They took the time to demonstrate how to wear items and suggest things that might flatter your personal style.

If I wasn't time starved I would have been tempted to pick up a few more things. The sale was busy but not overcrowded and there were a good number of mirrors to check yourself out in! I know they had men's styles as well but I didn't notice them. See more styles and prices on Go if you're into head wear especially for the great your heart out Blair Waldorf (there's a bow style too for $20)!

Who: Eugenia Kim
What: 50-70% off 1000 different men’s & women’s hats, headbands and belts.
When: June 9-12, 2009. Tues-Fri, 10am-7pm.
Where: 347 W 36th St., suite 502; 212.674.1345 ext. 12


Anonymous said...

I checked out the sale yesterday. Lots of great hats. But I agree the hats I liked were too pricey.
Check out my photos:

Dream Sequins said...

Great report! I love hats, but these are still out of reach for me budgetwise. I do, however, enjoy the headbands!

Erin said...

Thanks Ladies, glad to know you found my sale report to be helpful :) Hoping for additional markdowns!

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