Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now Wearing...

Crimson red kimono top - Rachel Pally
Nylon tricot print leggings - Michael Angel
Black turban - vintage
Hematite necklace - secondhand
Bangles - secondhand via clothing swap
Chain side bag - Kooba
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell

I need more Steven Chu photography in my life.

I found these leggings at Buffalo Exchange, and they are hands down one of my Top 10 favorite items in my wardrobe. I am so in love with them! I only wish my legs were longer because I have to tuck in about four inches worth of fabric!

In putting together this outfit, I started with the leggings and somehow ended with a gypsy slash fortune teller look? I added the turban to balance out the sheen and black on bottom, and boom, I’m a gypsy.


Erica said...

Girl, you rock that kimono. Great color.

jennine said...

i love the leggings.. but more so the last photo is just lovely.

Stephy Pool said...

YOU are beautiful. I am seriously in awe: SO elegant and at ease.

NY suits you my friend. And I miss you.

Candyholic said...

this is such a great outfit! bold kimono with calm leggings underneath, heels, and that super cute hat! - great balance of everything!

feeling inspired :)

Lani said...

such sweet comments! thank you <3

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