Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Loeffler Randall

The Loeffler Randall Sample Sale ended up opening a day early! I got there in the last 15 minutes before they closed and had a quick look around. There was no line when I got there.

The sale was held in a small space and felt a little chaotic, even though shoes were bagged up nicely and on racks in order of size. Unfortunately some sections of sizes were mixed together so it was hard to determine which shoe was your size unless you looked in your section on the leather sole of each shoe. I quickly assessed that if you are a size 5 like me, there are only about 4 pairs of shoes that you can possibly buy. As for other shoe sizes, 5, 5.5 and 6 shared a rack but they were mostly 6s. 1 rack of 6.5's, 2 racks of 7s, 2 racks of 7.5/8, 1 rack of 8.5, 1 rack of 9s. There was also 1 rack of miscellaneous boots mostly one style in white and about only 10 pairs left.

Sandals/flats were mostly around $175 and around $300-350 for boots.
Dresses were mostly $110 to $170, with most hovering around $150.

There was only one table full of clutches for around $115, while there were 2 buckets of miscellaneous purses for around $295-350.

Blouses were around $110-150. The best deal by far was on the outerwear, there were a couple leather jackets in rose gold for $295, and wool jackets for $212-295.

Personally I found the sale to be a bit pricey considering other sales currently happening, and considering a co-worker of mine picked up some Loeffler Randall boots in Indiana for just over $100! The quality of the merch is pretty high and if you crave the Loeffler Randall aesthetic, it can't hurt to take a peek.

Who: Loeffler Randall
What: Shoes, clothing, handbags. Prices start at $125 for flats and sandals, $78 for clothing, and $80 for handbags
Where: 525 Broadway at Spring Street, 2nd floor
When: May 7-9, 2009. Thurs, Fri 10am-7pm. Sat 11am-6pm.

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