Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Devi Kroell

Stopped by Devi Kroell this morning but perhaps I was hitting up as it was just the calm before the storm. The sale was organized and civilized. Only about 5 other shoppers and it was held in a pretty spacious area. Last day is tomorrow, so I would advise going early, they open at 8:30am!

The staff told me yesterday was another story with women grabbing bags by the armful...Fortunately they just re-stocked from the Hamptons store so there was still plenty of merch, although they aren't anticipating more stock so I would hurry in to get the best selection. Prices have already been reduced.

There is a huge disparity in the pricing. Merch I can afford, and merch I can dream about owning one day.

Still there are some great deals to be had with merch litterally starting from $50. Small raffia totes were $90. A leather satchel $90. Small python cosmetic cases for $50. Patent clutches for $110.

The signature style Devi Kroell style merch was another story. The exotic skin bags in python and ostritch came in a rainbow of colors but were priced at $690-790. Love them, but a girl's gotta still pay rent :)!

If you are in the market for an evening bag, options ran a plenty with Jewel encrusted clutches for $290-350, Python clutches for $120-190 and luxe waterbottle style purses for $120.

Shoes in satin cord, ballet flats and clogs were the bargain price of $50.

But the python boots I love were still $490. The pumps were more affordable at $120

Shoe sizes ranged from 36 to 41 but were mostly in 39 to 40.5 area. Unfortunately for small footed girls like myself, not a single 35 and only a couple pairs in 36. Not a bad selection for girls in the 8.5 size category either!

Overall worth checking out if you are a metallic python lover, a size 38.5-40.5 shoe size! Had I not blown my budget at the Botkier sale and others, I think I would have been more tempted although the merch I wanted most had prices that were still out of reach for the time being.

Who: Devi Kroell
What: Shoes from $50 and bags from $120
Where: 55 5th Ave, 17th Floor 212.228.3201
When: May 13-15, 2009. 8:30am to 6:30 pm


♡Karafina♡ said...

wow!! so much amazing stuff!

ill be in ny next week, do you know of any sample sales from may 21-26?

i'd love to check some out while i'm there.

Dream Sequins said...

I blogged this, and apparently Racked did too :))))

Anonymous said...

OMG -any pictures of the 50-90 bags!???????????

Erin said...

The top 4 pics were the more affordable bags.

Karafina, I'll definitely posting upcoming sales :)Right now the only one for that timing I can think of is Cole Haan ending on the 21st. I think you may be missing Charlotte Ronson by a day because it starts on the 27th.

Dream Sequins, thank you for the link love <3 awesome :)

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