Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sale Report: McQ in Queens still on Clearance!

I read on the other week that 75% of the McQ for Target collection was still in Queens and now on clearance for 75% Off! I didn't have time to make the trip right away and was a little worried that by the time I ended up having time to make it, it would be all gone but I made the long trip on Sunday to check out the scene. And yes, the cross borough trip was worth it! There were about still about 6 racks packed full of clearance McQ merch in varying sizes and it was indeed 75% Off! There was no sign of the cropped blazer I picked up previously or the studded shorts or jeans I admired except in size13, but everything else was still pretty possible. Which is amazing considering not very much of this stuff is available online, and it's still only 50% off!

Picked up the McQ Jumpsuit (assortment of sizes 1,5,7,9) for $14.98, the McQ Tattoo Print Strapless Dress for $19.98, the Draped Mesh Top for $6.74 and the Mesh Cardigan (only XS and M) for $11.24! My roommate got an assortment of merch as well!

There was plenty of the leather vest in for $34.98 but it was mostly in size medium, there was also plenty of the lion print pink/black dress on sale but it was mostly in XS, L and XS.

So if you were dying for some McQ but felt it was a bit pricey before, it's definitely worth the trip. Head to Queens on the F,G,R,V to Grand Avenue - Newtown ...or hopstop 8801 QUEENS BLVD, Queens

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