Saturday, March 28, 2009

Online Shopping at Ruche

I recently discovered Ruche, an online boutique based out of Orange County, CA. Many of the pieces are vintage-inspired, and almost everything is under $50! Here are a few of my favorites.

norwegian kimono dress $39.99

plaid tuxedo tube dress $38.99

gray studded pointy heels $36.99

And this last one is sold out, but I'm so in love and they may restock, so here it is.

panthera pinion chiffon dress $36.99

Check out the boutique for yourself at And guess what? We scored a discount code just for Sugar Rock Catwalk readers. Enter "sugarrockcatwalk" at checkout for 10% off until May 1, 2009.


Shellee said...

Aahhhh!! Yay for spots in orange county, I never know where to shop at home that isn't a mall with all the same chain stores. I'll def check this out when I'm home.

p.s. I received the keychain I won in the mail. Thanks again so much!

Shellee said...

oops... I just read they're only online. Oh well, I'll still check out their site.

Lani said...

shellee! glad you got the keychain. :)

if you're up for a little hunting, loehmann's at tustin marketplace is awesome. and there's lots of good vintage in long beach near 4th st? or is it ave? i forget... and in LA, wasteland on melrose is one of my favorite new & recycled clothing stores. i could spend a whole day in there! said...
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