Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now Wearing...

Yesterday was supposed to be drizzly, so I decided to wear my Cole Haan Boots as they are 100% Waterproof! Comes in handy on days you don't want to be wearing rain boots all day long, or if it doesn't rain, it doesn't look so sorely obvious! Purse doesn't quite match, but I only switch my purse out every once in a while ;)

Buckle Boots - Cole Haan w/ Nike Air Technology
Lace Tights - Pierre Mantoux
Plaid Shorts - taikonku, Anthropologie
Piece Dyed Shirt - Prada
Plaid Pom Pom Hat - H&M
Patent Belt - No Name
Studded Hobo - Rafe New York

1 comment:

Iole said...

love all your outfit...

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