Thursday, March 12, 2009

Built by Wendy, You're Better Than That

You may recall Built by Wendy had an online sample sale a couple weeks ago. I was excited for obvious reasons, and I love supporting young New York designers. I ordered three items: a t-shirt, a cream mesh tank, and a gray and white Americana tunic.

My order arrived in a small envelope and much to my dismay only one item of my order made it! I understand that sample sales can get kind of crazy and inventory does run out, but none of this was communicated. Other items on the website were listed as sold out, so I expected this to be available. If I had known that only one item was in stock, I probably wouldn't have ordered because who wants to pay $9 shipping for just a t-shirt?

I am a fan of the clothes; I just wish the inventory system and customer service were better.

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