Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Secrets of Charm and Gilt Group

Our lovely friend and reader Shelly hit up some sample sales today and here's what she has to say:

Gilt Group had plenty of clothes and shoes. But in terms of clothes she wasn't loving it, clothing was a mish mash of old odds and ends. This makes sense considering, they recently had an online clearance sale of 90% off! But in terms of shoes there were plenty of shoes that she liked, but was sometimes limited by sizes. Shoes ranged from $24 (unknown brand of shoes in a pink box) to $40 for Michael Kors to $65 for Kate Spade.

Who: Gilt Groupe Warehouse Sale
What: Up to 95% off retail on clothing for women and kid's. Mint by Jodi Arnold dresses are $45 (originally $425), Alvin Valley jackets are $50 (originally $500), Kate Spade sandals are $65 (originally $275), and Delman sandals are $35 (originally $275).
When: February 18-22, noon—7pm daily. Samples for (eco)mpassion, 2 Great Jones St between Broadway and Lafayette St (no phone).
Where: 2 Great Jones St., nr. Lafayette St. 12—7.

Check out the lovely Koi Fish sandals she picked managed to snag!

Secrets of Charm was a quieter sale, but maybe because Shelly was the first one on the scene. There were 4 or 5 bins of samples all marked for $20, whether they be blouses or trench coats. The samples are all mixed up and require some digging. There were only a couple racks of merch set up while she was there. Dresses were $60, Skirts and Shorts were $40. There was plenty of jewelry but it was all attached to scarves so she didn't take a closer look.

Who: Secrets of Charm
What: Up to 90% off pretty, vintage-inspired pieces
When: February 18-20, 11am—7pm daily.
Where: 95 Horatio St between Washington St and West Side Highway, #706 (646-414-0052).

Peep her sample finds below:

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