Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Full Look: McQ for Target

Nylon Magazine provides us with a first look into the Liela Moss (of Duke Spirit) inspired McQ collection for Target which is slated to debut in stores March 2009.

While I didn't love everything, there are a few looks/pieces I am excited to snatch. I do like the pink turtleneck/v-neck combo with the shorts (as our lovely reader S.P. pointed out, it's actually a scarf tied over a knit), the bikini and grey biker jacket. Also potentially interesting are the cropped blazer, jumpsuit and one shoulder/tank top dress combo featured up top, as Alexander Wang also intriguingly enough has a version of on pre-order at Saks.

Things that I think might be potentially scary are the pleather vest and trench. The materials look sort of cheap and stiff in the pictures. The print leggings (are sort of fun in an Yelle/M.I.A. sort of way) in the wrong hands could also be scary!

Although, this collection is true to McQ, McQueen's diffusion line, I really wish it was an Alexander McQueen for Target collection instead as I'm more fond of aesthetic of the real deal.


Stephy Pool said...

Depending on if that blazer is cut right, I think it is the best of the bunch. I like the scarf shirt and shorts too and a couple of other things. Hate that pink potato sack dress, though. annnddd, hot pink and black makes me feel like I'm 13 - maybe that's the point?

Keep up the good work girls.


Erin said...

Good eye, Stephy! i didn't realize the that it was actually a scarf! For some reason the photo made me think it was a turtleneck layered under a v neck knit!

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