Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trend Watch: Harem/Carrot Pants

Harem/Carrot pants aren't anything new they've been around for years but never truly made it to the mainstream. Something about them seems to always be perceived as a little mysterious and a little avant garde, but not so easily understandable to the masses. Perhaps things may change this coming spring? Diesel showed the left & center look in voluminous soft fabric as well as in faded denim. Phillip Lim (right) showed a more wearable pared down version for his Spring 2009 collection. This has me a little excited, as I'm dying to wear my new vintage YSL.

Is this a look you would wear? Or do you think it's best left to the runways?

1 comment:

shanahs said...

The one on the right definately looks wearable, but i tend to stay away from shapes where my initial reaction is "oh that is so unflattering" and for some reason, this look reminds me of jennifer lopez too much. keep in mind though, i'm not much of a risk taker with my wardrobe, especially with new shapes.

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