Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adieu to Blass?

Bill Blass has announced that they are going to shutter their doors. The company will be shutting down the showroom and letting go of the 30 remaining employees by the end of the week. This move isn't surprising considering parent company Next Cen lacked the funds to fully see though Peter Som's vision, hence he left the company in October and hadn't yet been replaced. Due to unstability of the brand, buyers were reluctant to buy any of this brand for their stores.

The company was set to turn 50 next year and it sends a sad message to the design world. Blass was the epitome of clean, wearable, modern American style. Former Bill Blass designer Michael Vollbracht tells the NY Times “The demise of Bill Blass is not just saddening. It’s another rude awakening to this industry, I think.”

Guess it goes to show in these current economic times, Iconic American Brand or not, you are not exempt from going under.

Next Cen is still looking to sell the Blass name but who knows when and if Bill Blass will be revived again.

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