Monday, December 8, 2008

iWant My Wings

Tis the Season where angels get their wings. I want to get my wings too, but more like Hermes from Greek mythology than an angel. Perhaps winged shoes half make me believe that will I be able to float in comfort and style. These Christian Louboutin Peplum T-Bar's got my attention right away because the fun gold wings totally remind me of Wonder Woman but are not at all costume. I love the retro t-bar silhouette with the peep toe...proportional perfection? At $895 I doubt I'll own these.
But fear not there is Kathryn Amberleigh's Angelika. This shoe comes in 3 colors including Marine, Red & Green with Silver trim for all. Although these don't scream Wonder Woman like the Louboutin's I don't think she would object to these fun pumps either. I'd still feel like I'm walking like a superhero and at $135 they are a lot easier on the wallet.

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