Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gen Art Shop NYC Event

Erin's Take
I was really excited to have a chance to go to Gen Art Shop NYC. I've never attended any Gen Art events before and I thought it would be a great chance to see a wide variety of products from young designers on the rise. There were some slightly more established brands showcased as well including Rebecca Minkoff, Bliss Lau, Hayden-Harnett and Bijules. When we got there the crowd was just beginning to pick up and soon some of the booths were swarming. We would definitely recommend coat check and a complimentary drink before digging in to shopping.
Interestingly enough, I found that the designers that were immediately adjacent to to doors had the strongest impact on me. The first half of the hall contained the best of the emerging talent, so after circling through all the booths I had to return to get a better view.

One of the best deals I saw was on shoes by DRU New York as soon as you walked in. I'd only seen these shoes in photo's before and I was excited for the chance to put them on. The shoes have unique proportions and were designed with comfort and day-to-night transition in mind.
They had samples for $20, Shoes for $40 and Boots for $85. Unfortunatley they didn't have any shoes to fit my size 5 feet. Peep some of our favourite looks below.

Bensoni's collection of feminine yet tailored dresses and separates were definitely one of our favorites. The design duo Ben Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon's managed to combine color blocking, layered fabrics of differing textures, subtle prints and bold stripes in a very tight collection. The look is refined and lady-like but also fun and not at all stuffy. Quirky, cute and not overly sexy, these are clothes that girl's wear for the sake of clothes. To be perfectly honest, this collection screams me. I'm not sure I've seen a collection that feels so completely me, right down to the color palatte in a really long time.
Cloak & Dagger's Collection by Brookelynn Starnes was flirty and chic but with a raw edge. The perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. I thought the double layer vest was alot of fun. I also liked the tiny gold buttons on the pants and the play on textures and opacity on the blouse. These are stylish but practical clothes that I can see making great additions to any girl's closet.

As for accessories, I liked Digby & Iona's collection of whimiscal jewelry. While some themes were based on nature like the stag ring and feather earrings, others pieces like the moustache just make me smile. And shouldn't fashion be fun? Especially accessories!

Lani's Take
The two of us has a similar list of favorites. In addition to the collections Erin mentioned above, I was a fan of Michelle Vale's collection of sophisticated and polished handbags. Each bag was designed and made with extreme attention to detail - lots of pleating, stitching and little pockets. The most unique thing about Michelle Vale's handbags were the interchangeable hardware components. Each handbag comes with silver and gold pieces that can be switched out. Pretty clever if you ask me!
Overall, I was a little disappointed with the event because I didn't like as many collections as I would have hoped and the discounts weren't that impressive. That said, I love to support young designers and see what's up and coming, so I'll be there next season.

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