Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do European Men Do It Better?

Carlos, Nurse
Spotted at Gen Art Shop NYC

I spotted him on my way out of Gen Art last week. I loved how Carlos was in head-to-toe gray while still keeping it fresh.

Visiting from London on holiday, his outfit was the last thing he had packed. Blacks and neutral colors are great for vacation because they are easy to mix and match. And accessories like Carlos' patterned scarf and belt can make the look fun. My favorite thing about his outfit? His silver shoes! Casual and flashy, love it!

The one thing I might have changed was the length of his jacket, but I also caught him off guard so it might have been just a matter of adjusting. The exposed white shirt below the jacket makes it all seem a bit ill fitting, but I can you assure in real life, he looked great.

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