Tuesday, October 14, 2008

$30 Skinny Jeans at Uniqlo

As mentioned in Episode 2: How to Wear Boots, skinny jeans are best for showing off your fall boots. Ladies in New York, if you're in need of some skinny jeans, Uniqlo has some on sale for $30 (retail $50) - with free alternations!

Their jeans are good quality. They're obviously not designer denim, but they are pretty amazing for mass market denim. They are available in a wide range of washes and two different cuts of skinny, tapered skinny and straight skinny. If you have are shapely or have wider calves, straight skinny will be the safer bet.

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing line. It's mass market. If H&M and Gap had a love child, it would be Uniqlo. There are retail locations all over Japan and a bunch in other countries, including Korea, China, Hong Kong, and the UK. In the US, there is only one location, and that's the flagship Soho store. There were other US locations in New Jersey, but they closed last fall. The displays and music in the store are usually pretty great, but the actual clothes are rather basic.

And because everyone loves a good Japanese video, here's a mix Uniqlo released a couple years ago.

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Grace said...

Oh ma goodness, I luv the jeans at Uniqlo! I'm a bit curvy to wear skinny jeans so I got the boot cut for $30 as well! I had to get 2 pairs because they are really awesome!

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