Friday, October 31, 2008

Trend Report: Fringe

Fringe is decorative edging made of hanging threads, strips of fabric, or tassels. It's a great way to add texture to an outfit, and it can add fluidity and movement. Fringe is one hot trend this fall, and below we've got three styles for you to try on.

Also, keep in mind that fringe is not new, so you can find most of these looks at vintage stores (or on eBay), which is more eco-friendly and can be more affordable.

Bohemian Fringe
Sam Edelman Ursula Short Boot $127
Aerosoles Linbo $67
Minnetonka Woodstock $78

For a bohemian look, try fringe made of wider strips, and to avoid looking sloppy, limit this style of fringe to your shoes and accessories. Nothing says hippie love child or Native American princess quite like suede fringe. Try this look with lighter or distressed jeans and a loose sweater. Complete the look with a long beaded necklace or large pendant.

Flapper Fringe
LaROK Cropped Fringe Tank $228
Silence & Noise Flapper Skirt $58

In my mind, the flapper look never went out of style - so chic, so playful, and so feminine. Flapper fringe can be figure flattering, hiding or adding curves if the tiers hit you in the right places.

When buying fringe pieces, examine the layers of fringe. Some cheaper mass market garments will skimp on the tassels, which will make the garment look obviously cheap by exposing the fabric behind the fringe even when the piece is not in motion.

To keep flapper fringe from looking like a Halloween costume, pair with simple, modern accessories such a metal necklace rather than a traditional pearl necklace or pair with contracts such as boots.

Menswear-Inspired Fringe
Perks and Mini Tassels Low Cut Boot $270
Manas Caramel Leather Loafers $65

I love this last look, menswear-inspired fringe on footwear. Pairing masculine and feminine is fun and funky. It's also a little librarian, which is perhaps why the trend hasn't hit mass market retailers just yet. The two links above were the only decent new examples I could find, but there are plenty of vintage options.

My favorites are the old boots that are similar to, but less chunky than Doc Martens with fringe on the toes. If anyone finds a good pair in size 7, holler!

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