Friday, October 31, 2008

Now Wearing...

Black dress - Jonathan Saunders for Target
Purple scarf - is actually a jersey sash from a dress

Yesterday my office celebrated Halloween early with some candy and a costume contest. Guess who won Most Creative? That's right, I did!

Click for more robot rock!
I couldn't have done it without the help of my friend Chris, who is going to be Kirk Lazarus, Robert Downey Jr's character in Tropic Thunder. We custom made my costume from a heavy duty cardboard, measured every dimension, cut out ergonomic arm holes and spray mounted tin foil.

Cardboard box - off the street
Aluminum foil - Duane Reade
Computer mother board - roommate's dead computer
"Dancing Machine" and energy gauge - drawn in Adobe Illustrator

Headphones - Panasonic and actually connected to the mother board
Cream fingerless gloves - Urban Outfitters
Yellow bangle - no name
Gray Fleur-de-Lis leggings - Romeo & Juliet Couture
Sneakers - Creative Recreation

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