Monday, October 20, 2008

Runway Review - John Galliano

John Galliano produced a beautiful collection of very wearable pieces. He kept the drama to the theatrical headpieces that are referential to various figures and icons in British history. The initial hats reminded me of the Guards at Buckingham palace especially when paired with the red of the first couple of looks.
Sheer ruffles shown in multiple tiers was the most important design detail. This element was shown in skirts and dresses throughout the collection.
There were a number of draped goddess like dresses shown as well.
The prints were mostly floral based. Ranging from washed out watercolor florals, British dinner service based prints and perhaps my favorite of all, a print that looked like a kaleidoscope garden.Colors varied from a black, red & vibrant pink at the beggining of the collection to soft yellow ochre, and softer dustier colors blues and pinks and finishing in pale tints of color w/ sheer cobalt blue thrown in the mix.
The show closed in a number of full length maxi dresses, proving that perhaps they will be around for another year. After all the runway antics of seasons past, it's nice to see John Galliano without the gimmicks proving that you just need good design to make people pay attention. Many red carpet worthy gowns here.

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