Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ways to Wear: Print Shirt & Leather

Fashion blogging has changed a lot over the last few years. When Erin and I started this project six years ago, the blogging community was smaller and really supportive. We met so many amazing people who shared in a genuine passion for design and clothes. Then it evolved into a parade of new, new, new and a rat race to see who could get the most swag. This and a few other factors lead to some burnout for me.

While reflecting upon what I loved most about the early days of blogging, I was reminded that it wasn't always about the specific items featured, but rather the way they were styled. I want to return to that. To bring this idea to life, I will make each of my outfit posts going forward about the 2+ ways I styled an article of clothing.

Here's an old RACHEL Rachel Roy top that I wear often. The print is made up of an assortment of colors, so it matches many pieces in my closet - white skirt, blue jeans, etc. With the recent chill, I've started to bust out the leather, which I paired with this top for warmth.

First look, this is an example of an everyday outfit for me. Something easy and comfortable. I wore the top with some old vintage leather pants that I bought from Etsy four years ago. They're one of the most unflattering garments in my closet because they look something like a black trash bag meets parachute, but I like a challenge. By cutting off and rolling up the bottoms of the pants, I exposed my ankles and revealed that I'm not a marshmallow. To add a little femininity and combat frumpiness, I put on a pair of open toe heels.

The shoes are a recent Rachel Roy proper find from Neiman Marcus' Last Call at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago. Last pair, on super sale, in my size. Thank you, Fashion Gods!

Second look, I wore to DJ. Same top,  Walter leather jacket, and vintage leather skirt from Etsy. This isn't the best skirt for this top, but I knew I would be standing behind a DJ booth most of the night so I didn't dwell. In an effort to move the focus away from my imperfect skirt pairing, I added a gold belt, which seems to have worked because it was the topic of conversation throughout various points of the night.

To keep the leather skirt and gold belt from looking like club wear, I wore my spotted Dr Martens instead of heels. That, and I don't DJ in heels anymore. As I mentioned in a previous post, I spend too much time on my feet to wear impractical shoes.

The maroon beanie in both photos was worn out of what felt like necessity with the drop in temperature. This former California girl gets cold really easily.


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Amy C. Colbert said...

This will be perfect if you will partner it with the leather bomber jackets for women.

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