Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sole Obsession: Nike LunarElite Sky Hi

Living in a walking city and DJing multiple nights a week, I spend a lot of time on my feet, so I obsess over my shoes for both form and function. Last summer I bought a pair of Nike Free trainers, and while they were significantly more comfortable than any other shoes in my closet, there were times when the sides of my feet would hurt perhaps because my feet are so wide. So my search for the perfect "all day, everyday" sneakers continued.

This past month, I was gifted a pair of Nike LunarElite Sky Hi sneakers, and they've become my favorite! They're so comfortable; I wore them everyday for a week straight. The loops in the back and front make them easy to slip on and off without touching the laces, and the little lift in the heel and ombre upfront make them cute enough to wear all around town.

They're available in dozens of colors, but my favorite are the ombre combos available at Macy's ($109 sale price) and Lady Foot Locker ($129 retail).

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