Friday, August 8, 2014

Hair from the Glossies - My Sassoon Makeover

Thanks to Style Coalition, I was invited to the Sassoon Salon Uptown to partake in the Fall beauty event. The Sassoon Salon is brightly lit and well mirrored with stark white shiny tiles and walls contrasted by black leather chairs and counters. After being greeted with a glass  of prosecco at the door, I find my fellow bloggers at the back of the salon snacking on light bites and chatting excitedly as we caught up. We wait to get our "before" pictures taken to contrast against our soon to be polished looks.

Soon after, I have my make-up touched up by Karim Orange, a make-up artist who uses  Au Naturale, a line of organic, non-toxic, cruelty-free cosmetics. She uses a cream concealer to create a flawless complexion before giving me a light dusting of eyeshadow for a look that is natural but makes me feel pretty.

After a touch up a wonderful gentleman named Rob gave me a shampoo and treatment called "Shine". Rob was super considerate asking me of the water temperature was fine and even if I was okay with a good scrub. I have to say it feels really nice to have someone else wash your hair.  He offered me a beverage and an opportunity to recline after he applied the treatment which was in a mini spray format. The treatment which lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks is supposed to work like instant gratification for the hair. It smells pleasant enough on my shampooed head and the longer it sits in, the better my result are supposed to be. A while later after the treatment is washed out, I am paired up with a Stylist named Lei who is adorable and decked out in a cute mint colored outfit and kelly green pumps. 

At the hair station, I notice that unlike traditional salons, there are full body mirrors allow you see how your hairstyle will while it's in progress. Lei asks me a few questions about how I feel about my hair, my lifestyle and what I have in mind. I tell her truthfully that while I love a good haircut, I don't spend more than 5 minutes doing my hair and on most days, even less time. I tell her that I've had hair of all lengths so I'm not afraid to lose any length. I haven't had a haircut in about a year and my hair is long and healthy but not really doing much for me. I don't know what to expect but I have an excitement boiling up inside me for change. Lei tells me she wants to give me more volume and says, "Something a little like this", while gesturing to a picture of a bob. Since, I'm feeling open, I tell her that I trust her to know my hair type and what would suit me best. So she quickly separates my hair into wet sections and cuts it piece by piece and I see a hairstyle begin to emerge.

Lei gives me tips for how to blow dry my hair as she dries it at the roots agains the natural direction of growth and she flat irons my hair before coming in with her discerning eye and gentle touch. She quickly snips away any strays and creates the perfect line. And although I didn't tell her much, I feel like Lei knew intuitively the hairstyle that I wanted deep inside.
Before too long a wave of nostalgia comes over me. When I was young, and I looked at fashion magazines I remember looking at Vidal Sassoon ads with models with perfectly sleek glossy bobs and thinking that that was the epitome of stylish hair. Along the way, as many haircuts and attempts at angled bobs I've experienced, I don't think my hair ever felt as glossy as those magazine pages. Thanks to Lei and the Sassoon team, the angled bob of my teenage dreams has become my own. I can't help but smile and feel like a million bucks. While long hair is pretty, short hair feels stylish!

Sassoon Salon Uptown, 7 West 56th Street, New York, New York 10019
Sassoon Salon Downtown, 32 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011

*All photos courtesy of Natalie Poette


Stephanie Oh said...

So pretty and glam! Love it!

Kim Fernando said...

It looks so good!!!!

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