Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marni Sample Sale

By now I am sure if you haven't made it yet, you are mighty curious about the Marni sample sale held at Soiffer Haskin. Like all sales held at this location the rules are strict. No handbags or outerwear allowed inside, no
hotography but there were also no lines. I had a chance to hit the sale just in time for additional price reductions today.

First stop shoes! While plenty of the styles were older, every shoe including ankle boots are now just $95 while boots are $145. There was a small selection of the smallest sizes from 35, 35.5 and 36. The mid range of sizes looked very picked through. The most amazing selection was for size 41, in which I found a lot of great boots.

For lingerie it was really reduced with bras for $30, camis for $45. There was tangled piles on tables and some hanging at the back that was marked 1a-4a.

Scads of belts started at just $25 but looked rather limp, I would rather pay the extra $10 for the marked down assortment of belts. I ran out of time so I didn't look very hard here.

For jewellery the selection is seriously wanting and all that is left are some chunky bead necklaces and some enamel cuffs. Sunglasses were another story, marked down to just $55 a pair there were about 12-16 styles available although there did not appear to be much stock of any style.

Hats are now just $40 and include printed bucket hats and that conical editorial hat from a few years ago.

There was a small selection of kids clothing that was dirt cheap at $20-30 but there was only one lonely rack that looked picked over.

As for clothing, the loveliest stuff looked prices as marked in the $600-800 range.  Tees are $25 but aside from a couple tank tops I didn't spot much. Skirts were a great price at $75! Pants were $95 and dresses now $150.  Sizes 36/38 were slim pickings but size 40 had a decent selection and the majority of clothes left appeared to be size 44.

I managed to pick up some sunglasses and a pair of sandals for a grand total of $150. While nothing at the sale is super new, if you like Marni's quirky style and are willing to look, you will find some great pieces for a fraction of retail. In fact the prices are lower now than the H&M collaboration!

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