Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inverted Edge

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet with Debra Langley, the founder of Inverted Edge a new e-commerce website that launched in Singapore this past May. Inverted Edge gives a global voice to up & coming designers from Asia, Pacific and Beyond. The website has been expanding throughout Asia and Australia and gaining tremendous traction through word of mouth. It is for the woman who wants something different and is not afraid to experiment with trying an unknown designer.
Ms. Langley was finding there was a gap in the market between when designers launch their brands and become a global presence. The site carefully curates talented, original designers that have the potential to grow but don't necessarily have the know-how to expand in international markets. Ms. Langley feels that designers should only have to worry about design, not about tarriffs and international customs procedures. This is where she comes in and helps designers to get their product into the world.

Ms. Langley feels very strongly that many people have the misconception that Asia is about the $30 dress or copying other designers.  She tells us that, "Our website is not for those looking for the $30 dress. Our price points are between $150-500. We focus on high quality goods that you cannot find anywhere else. The garments selected are highly commercial but with a twist."

The designers featured have a global perspective. Most have lived in more than one country, studied abroad at places like Central St Martin's or worked at other international brands before launching their own lines. Thanks to this experience traveling, most pieces are made to travel well and often have more than one way to be worn. From a blouse that can become cropped or a tunic depending if it is turned around to a headband that can also be worn as a necklace, thoughtful design is evident in the product.

From a personal standpoint I am excited about what Inverted Edge will mean for budding designers in unrecognized corners of the world. I can see the result on a closer level, with my former classmate, Maria Mak, who launched the label Twisted Sister a number of years ago and who is now able to sell in a market outside of Asia. I can't wait to hear more similar stories and to discover some new designers in the process.


Anonymous said...

Don't go out of your way for Portolano. It's basically Gilt/TJ Maxx pricing. Definitely not sample sale pricing.

Erin said...

Thanks for the tip, was wondering if it was worth it to pick up a few gifts

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