Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Lee Angel

How many sample sales are there where you can shop to your heart's content with hardly a dent to your wallet?

The Lee Angel sample sale is the stuff costume jewelry dreams are made up. The price you pay though is paid out in time. I arrived at about 6:30pm but didn't check out til about 8:10pm.

The sale is utter chaos with lines snaking up and down the sale and it took me a while to realize the best way to shop this sale is to grab a bin from the front and hop in line and shop while you wait.

The after work crowd was plentiful and at times fire safety regulations being broken seemed most certain. However this sale is worth the wait and chaos to pick up merchandise at $1 a piece. It is a $1 a piece if you buy 20 or more pieces. 2 pieces for $5 if you buy under 20 items. It was impossibly easy to find jewelry that I would buy for a dollar and soon my little tray was quite happily full. Other women at the sale resorted to picking up entire bins to store their finds.

Items from Banana Republic, J.Crew, Loft and American Eagle were plentiful, however any branded merchandise will have the tags snipped at checkout. If you are thinking of gifting, gift boxes and pouches are available for $1 each. However by comparison to the jewelry at the sale, seemingly high.

The bins contain a mixed assortment of items that I am sure were organized at one point but as women tear through and discard objects along the way they get more and more random. You have to be willing to patiently sift through ziploc bags to find what you want. Fortunately the Ziploc bags keep items from getting tangled and although you may have to open the bags to see what is inside you don't have to fight to get them apart.

I can't stress that you keep careful tabs on who is in front of you in line and if at all possible, bring cash. It is speedy at checkout and you can often skip 10 people or so in line when trying to leave.

For Lee Angel signature collection prices are $10 for earrings, $15 for bracelets and $20 for necklaces.

Head to this sale soon for best selection. At these prices, in spite of the towering plastic bins around the room things won't last long.

Who: Lee Angel Fall 2013 Moving Sale
What: Everything must go, not to be missed if you are a costume jewelry lover. Jewelry starting at 70% off retail. Fashion Bins 2 for $5, $1 each when you buy 20 or more pieces.
When: October 8-11, 2013. Tues 5pm-8pm, Wed 11am-7pm, Thurs 11am-7pm, Fri 10am-5pm
Where: 524 Broadway (at Spring St), 6th Floor


Elle said...

Agree! Excellent sale! I tried going on Tuesday, but they wouldn't let me up because of overcrowding upstairs =( Wednesday was still great, although I didn't see some of the cute pieces you got anymore!

milesmel said...

i got some great things but someone took a beautiful beaded necklace out of my basket while i was elbow deep in the bins! a necklace in the tray is worth the ones you have to dig for in the bin :-(, hope lee angel is coming back!

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Maazkhasim said...

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