Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Elizabeth & James

UPDATE 10/17: As I called it, prices are now an additional 25% off through to the end of the sale.
2013-10-15 18.55.44
I stopped by the Elizabeth & James Sample sale after work to moderate crowds browsing rack upon rack of neatly organized Elizabeth & James and Textile Elizabeth and James - the diffusion lines from growing clothing empire of the Olsen twins. The sale was typical of a 260 Sample Sale with neat organization, mandatory bag check as you walk in, communal change rooms and relatively speedy check out.

The front part of the sale was predominantly stock with prices as marked on every garment. This part of the sale held plenty of beautiful items of clothing but it was not nearly as bustling as the sample section in the back (pictured above). At the stock section of the sale, you'll find sizes XS / 0 to L / 10 in a multitude of styles from tee shirts, plaid shirts, jeans, furs, party dresses and more. Here are some examples of the product available.
2013-10-15 18.52.132013-10-15 18.52.332013-10-15 18.52.44
Jewel shoulder tee for $61, a plaid short sleeve shirt for $33.75

2013-10-15 18.52.572013-10-15 18.53.092013-10-15 18.53.23
Knit ponte vest for $79, Silk sleeveless blouse for $66
2013-10-15 18.53.482013-10-15 18.53.582013-10-15 18.54.15
Camo anorak for $249, Fur vest for $191
2013-10-15 18.54.242013-10-15 18.54.462013-10-15 18.55.01
Sequin blazer for $149,  jeans from $56-70, Chambray shirt dress for $50
2013-10-15 18.55.162013-10-15 18.55.322013-10-15 19.23.36
Party dress for $99, Ponte pants for $66, Glitter moto pants for $91
2013-10-15 19.23.472013-10-15 19.24.032013-10-15 19.24.29
leather moto pants for $224, Red fur coat $249, Fur trimmed jacket $324
2013-10-15 19.27.102013-10-15 19.27.562013-10-15 19.34.14
Patterned blouse for $66, Plazer $99, Long chiffon dress $149, studded chiffon blouse $36
2013-10-15 18.57.362013-10-15 18.57.412013-10-15 19.03.14
The back part of the sale consisted of true samples and the biggest bargains.  Although garments are significantly cheaper but you have to be wary of potential fit issues. Many samples were safety pinned or marked with masking tape. However, a large number of garments appeared to be final fit samples and didn't have very many flaws at all. The sample sizes seemed to vary but tended to be in the area of size 0-4.

Sample price list:
Tee's $15
Blouses & Shirts $25
Bottoms $30
Fur Accessories $30
Sweaters $40
Dresses $50
Jackets $60
Long dresses & Jumpsuits $60
Coats $90
Leather & Fur $120

After my digging I found myself taking home a very pinned pair of glitter pants that will need a bit of hemming but I couldn't resist for $30. The samples are moving fast, so if you are a smaller size in favor of digging, go early. Otherwise, I am guessing that the last couple days of the sale, stock will be further reduced. Not as cheap as the previous E&J sale held at the downtown offices but definitely a lot easier to shop and well worthwhile if you are a fan of the brand's effortless aesthetic.

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