Thursday, September 5, 2013

NYFW Spring 2014: Kye

Kathleen Kye the South Korean designer behind the label Kye made her debut last season at Concept Korea, a platform that supports young designers of Korean descent.

This season Kye stuck out on her own and presented a collection inspired by pained youth. Featuring bandaids emblazoned in gold and other shiny colors throughout the collection. There was a definite streetwear bent but also a small dose of sophistication that was reminiscent of Margiela, including the sleeves that tie into a skirt and the slightly bondage-esque buckles. Baseball caps shown with all of the looks gave the collection a casual urban feel. Thigh high slits and cropped tops with exposed midriffs were prominent in the collection but manage to come across as surprisingly appropriate. I would be interested to see what happens with this young designer as she grows.

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