Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Full Bloom with Jane Iredale

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A few days ago I had the opportunity to stop by Floristy in Chelsea for a flower arrangement class thanks the the lovely folks at Jane Iredale. We were also celebrating the launch of PureMoist lipsticks which come in 24 shades. The lipsticks are designed with keeping your kisser supple thanks to the natural ingredients such as sunflower oil and vitamin E.

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While the class was brief I learned some important lessons about creating a hand tied bouquet from the instructor/owner of Floristy. He recommended choosing a front to the bouquet and making it look visually appealing from 80% of the angles. This makes sense since you tend to see arrangements mostly from one side.

I chose a focal point with a full Hydrangea stem and built my bouquet around it. I also learned that in order to give a bouquet a more modern feel, I should color block my flowers by placing like colors together. For my bouquet I grouped the dalhias, cockscomb and roses and I arranged the unique flowers like fiddlehead in mid-bouquet to make sure they got noticed. Finally I filled in with astralagus and framed my arrangement using an umbrella fern for a cascading finish.

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While munching on artful veggies and sipping on Prosecco I completed a bouquet to be proud of! Lush, fresh and full of color the flowers made a great pairing with the Jane Iredale PureMoist lipstick. I got to take home a goodie bag of complimentary shades and liner to try for myself. 

2013-08-21 18.05.542013-08-21 18.14.352013-08-21 18.18.462013-08-21 18.22.042013-08-21 19.47.27

The lipstick smells faintly of raspberries and has a wonderful velvety texture as it goes over your lips even if they are a little on the dry side. It is smooth and has a light sheen through it and doesn't crease up in your lip crevices. The product is packaged in a skinny matte gold tube with angled tip that serves for precise application even without lipliner. However if you do use lipliner there is a chance to play the colors and expand the range of each lipstick! Pretty awesome! The lipsticks so far have been pretty great and feel great on. I get dry lips especially at this time of year and usually avoid lipstick, glad that I can wear some color. My personal favorite is Margi a matte red that I can't help but wear often. In fact I am wearing right now!

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