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Sample Sale Report: Current/Elliott, Joie, Equipment

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Last night I had the opportunity to stop by the Joie, Equipment and Current Elliot Sample Sale for the VIP night. What I learned was that you can find jeans for women from Current/Elliott from size 23-32 in a multitude of patterns, colors and textures. However if you are looking for Joie or Equipment merchandise you will be out of luck if you are looking for anything other than a size small. When going to the sale, please note that you'll have to check in your bag and your coat but the guys are fast and you can get through that process rather quickly.  The fitting rooms on the other hand can get very busy and you'll have to most likely be prepared to wait in line. I believe there is a 5 item limit per person so the line moves.
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For Equipment as you can imagine, although there are a few other items it's all about tops, tops, tops! If you are looking for signature silk blouses those were few in proportion to cotton wovens although there were more silk versions in the sleeveless section. There is just about every color of the rainbow available and some prints that are super fun while others look a bit dated. At $50 a pop it is a fraction of what they cost at retail. As I mentioned earlier, just about everything is a size Small.  There was a silk cat print that I thought was quite fun and the landscape toile that I thought would make a great addition to any wardrobe.

Here are the rest of the prices.
PJ Pants $25
Shorts $30
Pants $35
Tops $50
Sweaters/Dresses/Rompers $75
Leather/PJ Robes / PJ Sets $100
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For Joie there was a small selection of fur coats and vests which are priced great for $150 a pop. There weren't many pieces however, just a mongolian lamb jacket in cream, a vest in cream as well as grey. Leather skirts and jackets were also marked as $150.
2013-06-03 19.39.472013-06-03 19.40.232013-06-03 19.49.40
I also liked the graphic cardigan priced to sell at $25! There was a very Great Gatsby-esque skirt with beading for $60. The silk dress with the great motorcycle print above is from Equipment and was $75.

Joie Soft Price List:
Tanks $20
Shorts/Skirts $25
Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Tops $25
Rompers $30
Dresses/Jackets $35
Jumpers/Pants $35
2013-06-03 19.30.302013-06-03 19.32.152013-06-03 19.33.32
Accessories were very well priced but there were not very many items. Sandals are $36 and sizes seemed to range from 7-10 for these shoes. My particular favorite piece was the colored block booties in Navy/Tan but I only saw 8 1/2-10 1/2 in these. The all black suede/leather bootie had one lonely pair of size 5 but the right foot was too tight for me, otherwise I would've snagged them for $50. There were also a few color block totes and small leather bags but none of them really caught my eye.

Accessories & Footwear:
Sandals $36
Booties $50
Small Leather Bags $56
Heels $60
Handbags $96
Large Leather Bags $110
2013-06-03 19.33.542013-06-03 19.34.222013-06-03 19.34.24
Last but not least let's talk Current/Elliott. There were rose patterned jeans, floral patterned jeans, metallic jeans, coated jeans, snake print jeans, lace print jeans and the list continues on and on in size 23-32 with a good selection in each category. You have to be careful though because some pairs have fabric irregularities that are marked with red tape. Check your merchandise carefully but at $41 per pair of jean that normally goes in the $200+ category, it is a great price.

Here is the full Current/Elliott Price list:
Tops $30
Pants/Jeans $41
Shorts/Skirts/Vests $35
Jackets/Rompers $45
Sample Pants $50
Sweaters $50
Leather $150
2013-06-03 19.35.162013-06-03 19.35.472013-06-03 19.43.49
Overall some great merch at this sale for a great price as long as the size is right for you. If you're in need of jeans -  the price is right and sizing is available. Otherwise if you are a Small, this is your sale. Some of the merchandise looks a bit dated but there are definitely some fun things to find.

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