Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fantasy Feathers NYC

Feathers = fun.  Anthony Godinez agrees with me on that as he recently ventured out into the world of costume design.  What started out as a hobby designing Halloween costumes eventually turned a vocational call and as a result, Fantasy Feathers was born.  Over the top creations and custom costume concepts are what Anthony specializes in and each piece is crafted by hand here in NYC.

Currently there are only a few costume designers that specialize in feather which are targeted at select customers (read: unaccessible) or are on the pricier side (also read: unaccessible).  Fantasy Feathers attempts to bridge this gap by providing people what they want at reasonable price points.  Even though Anthony set up shop not too long ago, his designs have been featured in numerous pageants and showcased throughout the US and Canada (go Canada!).
Inspired by Bob Mackie and his take on over-the top Las Vegas showgirls and by Victoria Secret fashion shows with their outside-the-box type of costume wing construction, Anthony also takes cues from the the city, whether it be an interesting fabric print, the silhouette of wrought iron scroll work or tribal tattoos - gotta love New York!
While Anthony's customer base is primarily made up of entertainers (singers, dancers, drag queens, pageant contestants and male lead entertainers), Halloween enthusiasts (i.e. 95% of the Manhattan population) could definitely sport a look or two from his creations.
To order a piece - just hit him up on Facebook or by email (FantasyFeathersNYC at gmail dot com).  The process is a collaborative effort between Anthony and the customer from the design concept to feather choices and colors.  He takes the time to understand what you are looking for which is always a plus when ordering something custom made.  Orders take a minimum of two weeks (up to one month) to complete and prices start at $300 for feathered back pieces, $175 for headdress and $600 for larger back pieces (prices vary with intricacy and materials).
Images courtesy of Fantasy Feathers

So if you're in the market for a one of a kind piece with a definite stand out wow-make you stare factor holler at Fantasy Feathers!  Best of luck Anthony on your new endeavor!

"I love everything about feathers.  I love the smell of freshly dyed feathers.  I love the vibrant colors, the soft textures, the movement of of the plumes and the ethereal textures..." 
-A. Godinez

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