Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Footwear Finds: Anthropologie Sale

Yuma Booties $59.95 (retail $148.00)

This posted was inspired by my friend Rubina.  She's super style savvy and equally obsessed with online shopping.  We often consult each other before making purchases.  When she asked me about these yellow booties, I said hell yes.  I love wearing bright shoes for a pop of color, especially in the fall and winter when everything else is usually dark.

After checking out these booties for Rubina, I started browsing the rest of sale at Anthropologie and found a couple other pairs of shoes to add to my want list.  I really don't need any more shoes, but I love them.  Here are the shoes and the internal debates in my head.

Pony-Printed High-Tops $79.95 (retail $148.00)

Reasons to GET THEM: I've seen these in person; the textured horse print is adorable!  And I don't have any casual black lace-up wedges with mini horses.
Reasons NOT to: I probably don't need another pair of black shoes if I'm getting that specific in describing what I don't already have.

Lynx-Backed Heels $149.95 ($258.00)

Reasons to GET THEM: They're black and brown, so I could potentially get a lot of use out of them.  And because I've worn out my favorite ankle boots beyond repair, I will have room for a new pair of booties.
Reasons NOT to: I'm not sure how practical cut-out booties are in a city with real winters.

What do you think?  Should I pull the trigger on either of these?  Are there other pairs I should consider before making a decision?


Debie said...

Where are the pom pom shoes!?

Lani Love said...

I couldn't find any reason besides "They're so ugly I want them."

Anonymous said...

I vote yes for the booties! On a warmer winter day, you can add tights!

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