Friday, November 2, 2012

Three Days of Halloween

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, I had three nights to celebrate. I hate ghosts, goblins and zombies, but I love, love, love dressing up.

Every Halloween is a reminder that my wardrobe is silly and slightly ridiculous, but this year especially!  This year, I just had to pick up a few plastic bones for my first costume.  The rest was already in my collection.

Look 1: Pebbles-Inspired Cave Woman

I love textures and interesting textiles, so over the past few years, I've managed to collect quite a few shaggy, faux fur pieces.  Put them all together with some leather, unpolished accessories and bones, and ta-da, cave woman!

Furry cream dress - Buffalo Exchange find.  Black fur vest - LOFT.  Leather belt - Vivienne Westwood showroom sample.  Wood & metal necklace - Buffalo Exchange.  Not pictured, black snake cuff.

Look 2: Lani Kong

For my birthday, my friend Rachel had asked if I wanted something cute or something ridiculous.  I said ridiculous and this is what I got.  My birthday was back in the summer, so I've been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to wear it.  If there was ever a time to zip up into a terrifying ape hoodie, Halloween would be that time.  And yes, I could see and breath through it thanks to mesh panels in the face.

Ape hoodie - Volcom

Look 3: Fortune Teller

This costume was completely last minute, but with all the costumery in my closet, it didn't take long to pull this look together.

I found the cape dress three years ago at my favorite vintage shop in NYC - 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas.  Everyone tends to treck from other neighborhoods to shop at the Williamsburg Beacon's Closet, but I'm telling you this gem under the BQE is the best in the neighborhood.

I remember the day I bought this dress.  It was with my friend Tracy.  I was giving her a tour of Williamsburg and helping her expand her wardrobe.  I forced her into a vintage dress completely out of her comfort zone, and a minute later, we realized that Alexander Wang was in the store standing just a few feet away from us.  I wasn't supposed to shop, but when I saw this dress I couldn't help myself!  I've actually gotten more wear out of it than anticipated.  Shortened, it's more wearable and actually appropriate for dressy banquets and soirees.

The turban is an oldie.  If you remember the early days of Sugar Rock Catwalk, you may remember this blog post.  The wig is from last Halloween's drag queen costume.  And thanks to my good friend and neighbor, Benny (of recent internet fame, see picture 3), I had a glowing "crystal ball" for the night.  Costume complete!

Blue cape dress - vintage found at 10 Ft Single. Turban - eBay.  Belt, bangles, rings - various.
Nails - the amazing & incredible AstroWifey

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