Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Gant

Stopped by the Gant preview sale on my way home from work today (the sale opens tomorrow to the public).  Personally, I love the Rugger and Michael Bastian lines so that's what I spent my time looking for and since all lines (Gant, Gant Rugger and Gant by Michael Bastian) are the same price - those pieces will get you more bang for your buck.  The sale is roughly 75% mens and 25% womens and pieces are organized by style (i.e. bottoms, Ts, shirts, outerwear, sweaters) and not by size.

Pricing was a bit steeper than previous sales but still not bad - especially if you're a fan on the Gant line.  Ts are $20, short sleeved polos are $25, shirts/sweatshirts/rugby tops are $45, sweaters are $50, bottoms are $50, leather outerwear is $300, blazers are $175, short/light outerwear is $100 and long/heavy outerwear is $150.  The pricing of the outerwear always confuses me at Gant sales (i.e. what if it's a medium thickness coat?) so if you're looking to purchase a coat/jacket you might want to check with a sales person on the pricing.
There's lots of chinos in a variety of colors and a few denim pieces at $50 a pop.  Sizing for the most part was 34 and some 36s.  I saw a few smaller sizes but not too many.
If you're looking for button up shirts, make a right when you get through the doors and they are all there.  I didn't get a chance to rummage through them due to time constraints but there were plenty to choose from.
Sizing for tops (Ts, polo's, sweaters, etc) was for the vast majority Medium with a few other sizes in the mix. Outerwear sizing was mostly Medium as well from what I saw (but I didn't get a chance to look too closely).  Blazers were for the most part size 52 with some 50's in the mix.

Gant by Michael Bastian Pieces:
If you're looking for the Michael Bastian pieces - there were a few.  Not a lot but some.  Everything that I saw was size M and mostly sweaters.  I definitely took a linking to this great striped wool sweater in maroon, grey, blue and creme (pictured above).

Gant Rugger Pieces:
If you're looking for Rugger pieces, there's a bit more up for grabs than the Michael Bastian pieces but I think these will go quickly.  The above three pieces were my faves of what I saw.  The striped sweater I literally just saw at Barney's the other day, the striped purple henley ended up coming home with me, and the utility jacket was a great piece all around.

Gant main line: 
I though the the above pieces from the main line were pretty solid - especially the cardigan with suede patches and cable knit striped top (both pictured above).
 There were a few tables set up with accessories (mostly scarves, hats and socks) and another table in the back with more scarves and some ties.
Overall, if you're a fan of Gant and a medium - it's probably worth checking out.

Who: Gant Sample Sale
What: Up to 80% off retail on Men's and Women's clothing and limited accessories
When: October 11-13, 2012. Thurs-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm
Where: 260 5th Ave (b/n 28th & 29th St)

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