Monday, August 13, 2012

Now Listening: The Oh Hello's

Artist: The Oh Hello's
Recommended If You Like: Of Monsters & Men, The Head & the Heart, Blind Pilot, Mumford & Sons

It's been a while since I shared what's on my playlist and considering how much I've loved listening to the brother/sister duo of Tyler and Maggie Heath, who make up The Oh Hello's this post is long overdue.

The siblings hail from San Marco, Texas and cite influences ranging from Mumford & Sons and The Civil Wars to Los Campesinos! and The Pogues.  Their self titled debut EP was inspired by Irish folk songs in both sound and message.  While there are only 4 tracks on the EP, each song is a veritable powerhouse of winning lyrics, great harmonies, catchy melodies, hopeful honesty make for a sound that touches you deep inside and wraps you up like a cozy blanket.  The songs evoke all sorts of complex emotions from the solemness of a memory to moments of jubilee.

The original song that captured my heart was the ever so catchy Hello My Old Heart.  The track Lay Me Down will have you wanting clap along, while Trees will take you from feeling nostalgic to making you want to suddenly jump up in joy.  Cold is the Night is a beautiful track that incorporates a hopeful whistling in sharp contrast to sweet soft melodies that are tinged with sadness - somehow it all works together perfectly.

You can hear the rest of the songs on the band's bandcamp site where the entire EP is pay what you like.

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