Friday, July 20, 2012

Barney's Warehouse Sale: Coming to a Computer Near You

If you're a fan of the Barney's warehouse sale,  brace yourself - the sale is going online this year! If you want access to an early preview you can sign up here.  Usually the pricing at the beginning of the warehouse sale is the same as the final markdown in stores/online - so the warehouse sale might just be a continuation of their current sale now (which is up to 75% off).

For all the die hard fans out there, fear not, there will still be a physical sale held at the Chelsea Co-op store from Aug 23-Sept 3, 2012.  Since the markdowns get pretty fierce at the end, it might be worth fighting the crowds and scouring through the piles of merch.  Despite its craziness, this sale holds a special place in my retail heart - I've come away with insane deals on some amazing pieces but it can definitely be a hit or miss.

1 comment:

ee said...

do you know when they are taking final markdowns? friday or not until the weekend?

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