Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spot Check: H&M x Marni

I know the Marni x H&M craze has fizzled out but if you're still looking for some pieces - there's about one rackful left at the H&M by Herald Square on 34th St.  Here's the good part though - everything left is on sale - and by sale I'm talking up to 70% off.

If you're interested in seeing what's left, head on up to the 3rd floor and in the sale rack by the cash, whatever's left from the Marni collaboration is on one of those racks.  There aren't a lot of options left or sizes (only larger sizes are available) but if you do happen to fit in what's left, the prices are dirt cheap.
This oversized striped cashmere sweater is 70% off and is now just $30 (down from $99).  There were quite a few of these available and sizing ranged from M-XL.  The fit of this item is oversized and I tried it on when the collection first came out - and it just didn't look right on me so I decided to pass on it...again.  Even if it's not the most flattering thing, it's be a great piece to lounge around in at home - seriously, when are you ever going to find a 100% cashmere sweater for $30!
Next up were parka's.  There are two colors - navy with red contrasting partial lining and detailing, and   olive with navy contrasting lining/detailing.  In terms of sizing, larger sizes were available and ranged from size 50-56.  Again this fits oversized and like the sweaters, these are 70% off (now $45 - down from $150).
There was one other outerwear piece - also 70% off with knitted sleeves in navy.
The last item I saw were these two lonesome shirts in light blue with contrasting navy collar - both in XL and priced at $20.

Even though the selection isn't amazing and the sizing limited, if you do happen to fit into those sizes, these prices are definitely hard to beat.

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