Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Jewelry You Need

A few weeks ago I stopped by the Succarra Showroom to see what new jewelry they had in stores this Spring.  It was a blast scoping out the latest pieces to lust after all while sipping drinks and snacking on olives (they did also have cupcakes but they don't fit my gluten/dairy/egg free life).  I snapped a few of my fave pieces from each collection.

Sisco Berluti had beaded bracelets galore in every color imaginable.  They looked pretty fabulous all stacked up on top of each other.  You can feel good buying from this company because a portion of the profits from sales goes to Half the Sky Foundation, working to care for orphans in China, and Ovations for the Cure of Ovarian Cancer.

Courtesan had some pretty plays on jewelry using grosgrain ribbon or colorful elastic.  It's jewelry that is great for those hot months when you're afraid of wearing metal on your sweaty body or for winter when you don't want a cold chain freezing your neck in the morning.

Eddera Paris had some really lovely pieces that had a tough feel to them.  I loved the skull and cage rings and the necklaces that looked like horns.

Daniela Zagnolli was all about statement jewelry in lazer cut leather.  The pieces look almost tribal but they are still pretty and feminine.  Since they are in leather, they eventually mold to your body and become quite comfortable.

Rebekah Price had some jewelry that was very feminine but also tough.  There was a medieval flavor to many of my favorite pieces.  I loved how the cuffs used pearls instead of studs to create a feminine twist on the spike bracelet.  I also was a huge fan of the rhinestone collar and star pendant.  The chunky triangular bib necklace has almost a futuristic feel to it while the bronze cuff looks like something a warrior princess might wear.

Melanie Auld Designs uses a lot of geometric shapes in precious or semi-precious stones to create a bold dramatic effect.  The jewelry is multi-purpose and works from day to night and season to season without a hitch.  I personally liked the big clear stones in the necklace and ring the best.

Daniel Espinosa was all about statement making metallics and chunky geometrics with a whimsy.  My personal faves were the multi-faceted crystal ring and the pearl bow necklace.

Biko was my favorite collection of the evening and I was pleased to discover also a Torontonian who graduated from my alma matter, Ryerson University.  Familiar objects like anchors, compasses, kaleidoscopes find friends with metal nuts, chains and leather.  There is charm and whimsy in jewelry meant for the city girl who is ready for adventure.

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