Monday, April 2, 2012

Opening Day at Joe Fresh 5th Avenue Flagship Store


On Friday morning I woke up and decided to head over to the Joe Fresh Flagship opening and take a chance trying to snag a $100 Giftcard.  Upon my arrival at 9:25 am there were about 70 people ahead of me - some in folding chairs and sleeping bags.  With the sun shining it didn't seem so bad and plenty of friendly security staff were keeping things orderly.

The sun disappeared and it soon became chilly and tensions rose as temperatures dropped and people tried to jump the line.  Several people tried to cut the line making up stories that they were in line but left to get a bite or went to the bathroom but the truth was they were never in line at all.  Fortunately security guard managed to escort the line cutters away with minimal drama.  And at noon even had to jump in front of a last second line cutter who tried to follow the crowd into the stores.  Bravo to the staff at Joe Fresh for handling everything with great professionalism and courtesy.

As the doors finally opened I entered the store to all of the smiling employees decked out in bright polo shirts applauding as I collected my giftcard and started shopping the brightly lit glass cube of a retail space with shiny white fixtures and brightly colored merch.  The retail space was split into 2 floors with change rooms and cashiers on each floor.  I spotted a glass elevator bringing up racks of colorful stock to replace items flying off the shelves.  

Particularly the well priced silk shirts that were just $39 a pop and striped shirt dresses with a nautical feel that were $29 a pop.  The shelves were restocked seamlessly despite the constant onslaught of clothes hungry shoppers drifting the floors.  The efficiency of employees was even seen at checkout counters while one employee swooped away discarded merchandise without the blink of an eye and another game through and collected hangers so cashiers just had to scan and bag.  This made for a seamless shopping experience.
The orange tulip was absolutely adorable and just $69, the color block dress beside it was priced right at just $39.  I spotted bikini bottoms for just $12 and tops for $18.
From work appropriate shirt dresses with extra full skirts to casual weekend wear to athletic gear Joe Fresh has you covered for what seems to be shockingly low prices on classics with a fashionable twist.  This is a store where there is something for everyone.  They even offer a rainbow of cosmetics for bargain prices - nail polish was priced at $4 a pop or 3 for $10.

Here are a few of the items I ended up trying on: 
The Mac trench with contrast details was just $29 and although the sleeves were a little long (I'm only 5'3") had a pretty nice clean fit.  The silk shirt in flaming orange was $39 and was nice and vibrant with a clean look.  The leopard spot shirt was $29 and although it was poly it has a very silky hand that felt nice to the touch.  The scuba tee was $39 and was a boxy fit but had a really modern look that would look great layered with the brightly colored shirts.


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