Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Mackage/Soia & Kyo

Stopped by the Mackage sale on my way home from work today at Chelsea Market. The weather has been so whack this entire winter (not that I'm complaining!) that there seemed to be a ton of stock at this sale.  Mackage will always have a special place in my retail heart - mainly because it's Canadian and one of the first outerwear brands that made me stop and go wow - I want/need/gotta have that!
The space is pretty gargantuan and spans 1.5 levels and is comprised mostly of womens outerwear (there's a few mens racks and a couple of womens RTW racks as well).  The merch is fairly organized with the exception of menswear - which is scattered on either side of the space in different racks (not the smartest if you ask me).

For menswear, there were lots of leathers, a few wool pieces and some packables - mostly Mackage.  Sizing is a bit random with 38 being the most promising, then 36 and 44.  Sizes 40 and 42 were available but only in a few styles and in minimal quantities. 
In terms of pricing, every style has a different price but roughly - the packables will set you back around $115, leathers $400+, wools $275, and trenches $295.  Most of the items are priced at 50% below retail.  Some of the newer merch is priced a bit higher while markdowns on older merch tend to be a bit higher.
I didn't get a good look at the womens sizing - mostly because it was daunting.  However, if you're small (i.e. XXS) this might be a good place to check out if you're in the market for a new coat - there were plenty of smaller sizes to choose from.  The above Soia & Kyo wool zip up is $170, and again as a general rule, prices are roughly 50% off retail.
As with menswear, older stock was priced a bit lower with the above two pieces coming in at $225. Leathers averaged $400, and wool coats averaged around $400.  For Soia & Kyo pieces, wool pieces and puffers both started around $150+.
If you're a die hard fan of this brand, you might want to stop by and check it out.  Prices aren't the best, but there's plenty of stock.  On a completely unrelated note, I snapped a picture at the corner of 9th Ave & 15th St of the street signs - they're illuminated and the first I've seen in the city!

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Mens Slim Fit Suit said...

Wow those are very affordable now, those leather jackets really looks good, the coat and all those stuff. I think it will be ok if they will just make it on that price to think that there will be more costumers to buy rather than having it on higher price but have fewer sales.

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