Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NYFW Presentation: Mathieu Mirano Fall 2012

When I entered The Box at Lincoln Center I knew very little to nothing about the 20 year old designer behind the namesake collection Mathieu Mirano but I was pleasantly surprised.  My efforts leaving Brooklyn twice in one day had been rewarded by a skillfully tailored collection that was inspired by a dream about dragons and the women that conquered them.

Details like leather paillets, ruched metallics, and claw-like metal hardware all play up on the dragon theme but fortunately not too literally.  The result is a little like armor that a modern day heroine would wear if she was going to an event and had to look dead sexy.  The garments fit almost like a second skin in fabrics like stretch satin, leather and velvet .
The color palette was kept simple in black, pewter, silver, antique navy, crimson and gold.  The color combinations were particularly striking when combined to create graphic sun ray shapes that radiate strategically around the body.  I appreciate that the backs of these dresses have not been forgotten and are just as striking as the fronts.

Mirano has previously cited Alexander McQueen as one of his greatest influences and I can see it in his attention to tailoring, details and his flair for drama.  I have a feeling that we'll be seeing more of this budding designer in the future on red carpet.  A beautiful, well executed and sophomore effort.

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