Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CND Shellac–18 Days of Near Flawless Nails

I first tried CND Shellac last year and loved the long lasting, super shiny formula that was ready to go the instant it's completed with no additional dry time required upon exiting the UV lamp.  I had a chance to get a complimentary manicure at a press event recently and was loving all the new colors that had been introduced.  During my first round there were only 12 colors in predominantly classic shades.  The collection now consists of 30 colors and is available in new fashion forward shades.  With the ability to layer and build color through layering the color possibilities are are endless. Shellac is 3-Free with no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

BREAKOUT ROOMSI previously tried the super sophisticated and deep color Fedora.  This time around, I decided to have fun by layering 2 layers of the pearlescent mermaid green tone Hotski to Tchotchke with 1 layer of the subtle holographic glitter shade Mother of Pearl.


The photos speak for themselves, can you believe my nails were done 18 days ago? Aside from minor chopping on my right index finger and ever so slight edge wear you can only tell by how far my nail has grown from the nail bed in 2.5 weeks.  Perhaps because it is a lighter color and pearlescent instead of matter there are no signs of even surface scratches or dulling.  I even was painting furniture and I found a leaky bottle of nail polish during this time that I had to clean up during this time.  Nothing except time ruined my polish.

After spending the weekend out of town, I need to hit up a salon to get the polish removed using special nail wraps.

Shellac manicures are great if you don’t have time to do your nails often and want to get the maximum look for minimal salon effort.  It’s also great if you’re headed on vacation and won’t have access to a salon.  Use the Salon Locator to find a Salon near you.

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