Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Target Not Prepared for Missoni?

After the mess that was the Missoni for Target Pop-up shop on Fashion's Night Out, I was ready to forgive and forget afterall I can understand that the logistics of stocking a shop in Midtown Manhattan to be something of a nightmare. Perhaps a slight oversight on behalf of Target? And on my part for thinking the pop-up on a night open to the public was a good idea. Merchandise that was supposed to last for 4 days didn't even make it through the first night.

I decided the next best thing would be Target.com as it has never failed me in the past, plus it would be from the comfort of my own home. So this morning upon waking up I logged onto Target.com, first through my mobile while brushing my teeth and later through my laptop while getting dressed. At 7:30am it was moving slowly but by the time I was ready to check out at 7:55am the website came to a standstill. I thought perhaps my computer was frozen at first but soon received an internal error notification. When I tried to refresh several minutes later I got a Target message with the apologetic dog telling me something had gone wrong but after several tries I still could not get back on the website. Target.com had failed me. Is it because of their recent shift away from Amazon? I don't know but the message I got after 2 recent rejections - in the pop-up store and online was that of missed opportunity. The retailer failed to deliver the level of service required for the amount of advertising dollars they spent ensuring Missoni for Target was a success. Campaign successful, but in my mind the end result for pleasing the public was absent.

Has the economy been so doom and gloom lately though that the American retail giant planned poorly for the insatiable appetite of the public?

While none of this will stop me from shopping at Target I am nevertheless still disappointed and still Missoni-less. And while I had over $200 of merchandise in my cart, I am starting to grow weary.
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