Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now Wearing…

While I was on vacation the last week of August, I headed to Sweden where autumn days have already begun and I found myself layering up every day to deal with the drastic temperature changes throughout the day thanks to temperamental Stockholm weather.
Linen Roll Up Pants - Madewell
Knit/Silk Shawl Collar Top - Richard Chai
Buckle Boots - Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Crossbody Convertible Satchel - Botkier
Lurex Scarf - Club Monaco
Leather Jacket - Jodi Arnold
This particular day I knew I would be in for a lot of walking as I visited the Drottningholm Palace – the official home of the Swedish royal family, the Chinese Pavilion and Drottningholm's Slottsteater. It was actually my first visit to a Palace so I was overwhelmed by the scale of not only the building itself but the sprawling grounds that contained other properties, cultivated gardens and even sheep. I learned so much about the history of Sweden that has been so well preserved as Sweden was never involved with any of the World Wars of this century.  The building I saw showed both opulence and wealth as well of times of lesser fortune.  The Drottingholm's Slottseater featured details that were actually constructed out of paper-mache and were painted to look like mouldings and doors.

After thoroughly exploring the Palace grounds when I finally sat down to have a tea,  I made friends with a bird – or rather it made friends with my almond tart.  I found myself charmed not only by beauty but charmed by nature too.


Lindsay said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I love the print on your top too!

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures, but Erin, you have to stop with your creepy eyes. Make them look natural instead of opening big for the camera.

cousin mgk said...

I can assure you that Erin's eyes have been naturally big and beautiful since she was born. She's my baby cousin, so I'm working extra hard here to be polite about your gauche choice of wording.

Jen said...

not everyone is perfect, cousin. learn that not everything can be positive. and didn't i let erin know her pictures are beautiful? i'm not all negative.

Erin said...

Hi Lindsay! Thank you glad you enjoyed my photos.

Hi Jen, I honestly never said I was perfect and perhaps you do find me creepy? But I suppose it's your choice to look at my photos. I was on vacation, a bit sleep deprived from taking the red eye and in my personal opinion have dark circles under my eyes. If anything I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open that day. I guess you obviously value your opinion on the matter as you chose to come back? Judge me as you like but it's easy to judge when you are on the opposite side of the lens.

Hi Mgk! <3 you :)

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