Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Express x Lucky Magazine Cocktail Party

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Last week in the midst of insane city heat wave I was a little afraid of what a rooftop party would be like. Was I ready face the suns rays beating relentlessly in 100 degree weather? Not really.  Fortunately my fears were alleviated once the doors to the elevator opened and I set foot into the gorgeous glass penthouse/roof at The Cooper Square Hotel.  The large glass windows/walls looked out unto the city and there was even a glass shower that had floor to wall windows.  Kind of ridiculously luxe and definitely kind of baller.  The penthouse was surrounded by a large balcony with glass railings for a completely non obstructed view of the city. So while in the full comfort of AC you can still view the city without having to go outside. It was a lovely location for the EXPRESS party with Lucky Magazine.


I was soon playing dress-up with some of the latest accessories from EXPRESS including straw floppy hats, snake print scarves, giant stone rings, candy bracelets and dripping chain necklaces.  I tied a scarf to my head, threw on some glasses, dripping chain necklace, cocktail ring and a few pearl bracelets as well as grabbed a leopard clutch.  Since my outfit was a bit busy with the floral culottes, I probably wouldn’t have chosen these accessories for this outfit although I thought they were all individually fabulous.  I think I ended up looking like not quite myself and as Lani put best – very Harajuku.

 Lucky-Express-Party (10)Lucky-Express-Party (6)

After snapping a quick picture we all joined the CMO of EXPRESS,  Lisa G for some cocktails and socializing.  Lisa G shared how she’s been Tweeting before Twitter even and about how she is embracing social media.  Her genuine down-to-earth nature is charming the room as she shares how excited she is to be working with us all.  Her excitement about the fashion show was definitely catching.

Lucky-Express-Party (2)Lucky-Express-Party (3)Lucky-Express-Party (13)Lucky-Express-Party (12)express-cocktail

I ventured outside to really take in the views and have a chance to hang with some familiar faces and meet so many lovely new friends. Had such a blast with Miss Whoever You Are, Tineey, Donna Daily, The Budget Babe, Court and Hudson, Diary of a Fashion Addict, Sweet Caroline in the City, Pretty Connected, Aspiring Socialite.


Since I had so much fun I decided to let myself get caught in the excitement and braved tourists, Times Square and serious heat for the chance to be a part of something bigger than myself.  I took a part in setting the new World Record for most models to walk down a runway.  With 1243 models, EXPRESS easily smashed the previous record set by Galeries Lafayette in Paris who previously held the record with 521 models.

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The Budget Babe said...

it was so good seeing you at the event!! you looked great <3

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