Friday, May 13, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Twinkle by Wenlan

I didn’t have a chance to run over to the Twinkly by Wenlan sample sale today, but fortunately a friend of mine snapped some pictures and gave a rundown of what to expect.  Perhaps this was the eye of the storm but the sample sale looked positively peaceful and almost serene in the photos around noon.  As per usual, since 2 is the sample size, this sale is a must go if you are a size 2.  They do also carry sizes 0-10 but these are not nearly as plentiful.

Expect to find everything marked at wholesale at this sample sale although you can find some samples for as low as $20.

Spring merchandise is around $110, Dress samples can be found for $90, tops at $60 and short skirts at $40.

There also were some whimsical cushions for home décor available for purchase as well.

Who: Twinkle by Wenlan 
What: Stock up on whimsical women's clothing at steep discounts. Jersey dresses now $118, Printed dresses now $176. 
When: May 12-13, 2011. Thurs, Fri 10am-6pm 
Where: 545 8th Ave -17th Floor

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