Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Catherine Malandrino

On my way to Home Depot today I randomly saw the Malandrino sale so decided to check it out and snag a few pics. The space is actually pretty massive for a sample sale. Lots of merch if you are a fan of her lines.

There's plenty of merch organized by size. Unlike most sales, this one actually had a changing area/room to try on things.

Here are the specs for the pricing. The majority of the merch is her RTW line with prices ranging from $55 for shorts to $295 for leather jackets. There were a couple racks of linen pieces and the Mary J Blige collab which were $45-$50. Out of everything I saw, the Malandrino collection was by far the nicest but with a heftier pricetag - even with the 75% off.

Shoes were just $50 a pair - there was only one table in the centre of the space with limited styles and sizing. Most of the shoes were 38 or 40 but there were a few other sizes scattered in the mix.

Here's a few pieces from the Malandrino collection up for grabs:

Blue printed dress with leather side patch $312 (was $1,250), black silk top with leather ruffle detail $363 (was $1,450)

Multi-colored print skirt $174 ($695), black ruched dress $297 (was $1,190)

Silk camilsole $21 (was $85)

If you're in the area and a fan of her brand, the sale is going on until tomorrow.

Who: Catherine Malandrino Sample Sale
What: Spring/Summer merch from both the Catherine Malandrino line and the Malandrino Runway collection. Blouses were $395, now $95. Skirts were $275, now $65. Dresses were $525, now $155, leather jackets were $1200, now $295.
When: May 5-8, 2011. Thurs-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-7pm
Where: 155 5th Ave (b/n 21st & 22nd St)

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