Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fall 2011 Preview: Katherine Kwei

Last weak, Erin and I had the great pleasure of previewing fall collections from Charmco and one of our handbag favorites, Katherine Kwei. The event was held on the lovely rooftop terrace at The Thompson in Lower East Side. True to Katherine Kwei and Small Girls PR style, the event was chic and super fun. There was dim sum and even a psychic on site doing tea leaf readings. I did a tarot card reading, and it felt so personal and true that it totally gave me the creeps. But enough about that, onto the important stuff - bags!
Katherine Kwei names her bags after friends and family members. This style, the Vivan, had Erin and I gushing. We love how she created the classic look of quilted leather with her signature knotting. This bag will be available as a shoulder bag and tote.

Our other favorite style was the Jessica. I can't seem to get enough of crossbody bags. I love the simplicity and subtle details of this style, and I especially love the muted color palette: sage, slate and sand. This would make a great everyday bag.

No luxury handbag line would be complete without flashy clutches and wallets. These small leather goods are Clea, metallic snakeskin on the left and super soft embossed shargreen leather on the right.

And then our favorite, Lulu! For fall, Lulu will return in embossed roc print on calfskin in khaki and cream. I wish I had taken this picture earlier in the evening before sunset, so you could see the detail better. It's a lovely bag.

The fall collection is full of adorable bags and charms too!

We had the chance to catch up a bit with Katherine who is a new mom! I adore her! She's so wonderful, just so fun and down to earth.

Before we left, we took some time to learn the Double Coin Knot. I initially wanted to walk away because last time I got incredibly frustrated, but I always enjoy a good craft project.
For those who'd like to try out the Double Coin knot, we snapped a picture of the instructions. Just click on the picture to the right for the full size.

Pictures taken on trial HTC Droid Incredible 2

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