Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dupli-CAUGHT: Dolce Vita vs. Target

Dolce Vita "Pela", $170.00

Last spring, Dolce Vita came out with these wedges, and I remember because I was stalking them in black and brown. They were featured in Lucky and a couple other publications for being a great versatile pair of wedges, and size 7 was sold out pretty quickly.

I guess all sizes sold well because they're available again this summer at a handful of retailers like Saks, Bloomingdales, Solestruck, and Endless. You can find them in black, brown, pink, and nude

DV by Dolce Vita "Pali", $89.00

This season, Dolce Vita replicated this style for their lower end line, DV by Dolce Vita. This style is almost half the price of the original, but you get what you pay for.

I read through the product details and reviews, and it seems that these are slightly less comfortable and up close you can notice the lower quality. The original has leather lining and soles. The DV version has leather uppers like the original, but the lining and outsole are synthetic. It's not a big deal if you're not walking a lot, but in the summer humidity, I tend to avoid synthetic materials because they usually don't breath and increase the chances of blisters.

Mossimo "Pilar", $29.99

Target has jumped in on the wide strappy wedge action with their Mossimo version. It's an exact copy of the Dolce Vita wedges: same straps, zipper detail, even color options. They're available in black, brown, nude and pink. And as you would expect for $30, the shoes are made from faux leather.

It's not uncommon for a mass retailer to copy designs, but I do find this particularly interesting because there's currently a Dolce Vita for Target collection in stores. Why would you copy someone you're collaborating with?

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